Mission Statement

Ballinasloe Swimming Club’s Mission Statement

Mission: To provide members of Ballinasloe Swimming Club with the best quality swim programs that develop the physical, athletic and personal potential for all ages and levels.

Vision Statement and Core Objectives:

This is accomplished through the following principles

1) Provide an environment where swimmers of all ages can reach their desired potential.

2) To teach all of our members the value, rewards and potential that aquatic activities provide.

3) To provide a safe aquatic environment for members of the team and the community.

4) Provide coaches who are good role models for the purpose of goal setting, motivation, attitude, enthusiasm, morals and maturity.

5) Provide an environment where coaches and athletes may establish realistic goals and objectives and measure their progress against established standards as benchmarks for improvement.

6) Provide a link to the local community that improves the value of both to their members.

7) Continued growth of the membership and as well as facilities for training and development.